Saturday, April 30, 2016

Must have been one hell of an "L drill"

How important could this possibly have been?
Bell and Payton built a rapport around a simple request. New Orleans coaches had dinner with Bell and some of his OSU’s teammates at pro day and worked him out privately, but Bell’s decision to forego some drills left the Saints with a hole in their evaluation.

Payton called Bell to ask for videos of the drills — the “L” drill, the pro shuttle, the 60-yard shuttle and his vertical leap — and he responded in a matter of days, texting all the videos to the coach.

“It was important to me,” Payton said.

“I said to him, when we drafted him, if you hadn’t gotten me those videos, you’d still be sitting at home eating nachos right now.”
Who knew this was so freakin' important?

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