Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Somebody colored outside the lines or something

Dunno exactly what the goof is here but RTA has to start all over evaluating planners.
Long-term public transit planning in New Orleans suffered a setback Tuesday (April 26) when the Regional Transit Authority threw out months of work from six consulting groups vying to draft the agency's strategic master plan.

The board voted unanimously to toss the applications, sending each group back to the drawing board after submitting their qualifications for review in December.

Justin Augustine, vice president of the RTA's private management company, Transdev, said a member of the evaluation committee had erred while rating the firms to reach a recommendation for the board.
Something about scoring the applicants more "points" than is mathematically possible.  It's best to throw it out and start again when that happens.  Otherwise, who knows how long you'll be sorting it out in court.  

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