Thursday, September 03, 2015

The half is not being told

In one of their trademark "website reports" items yesterday, NOLA.com pointed us to this report in the Louisiana Record.
NEW ORLEANS – Of the $371 million in Deepwater Horizon settlements awarded to local governments last month, Louisiana law firms stand to rake in a hefty percentage of that in legal fees.

The influx of cash to local governments, part of a $687.4 million settlement oil giant BP made to state and local governments across the Gulf Coast due to the oil spill, means big paydays for a handful of politically connected Louisiana law firms.
The article goes on to name several of the firms benefiting from the settlement process. If any of this looks familiar to you, you may have been reading Jason's far more in-depth reporting stretching back over several years now.  If you find time go back and read through the saga. It's been pretty much shut out by the local press for reasons no one can begin to fathom.

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