Saturday, September 05, 2015

Death and Rebirth

The Saints are making roster cuts this afternoon.  As of this writing, they have one hour remaining to complete this task.  According to the Advocate's tracker, there's still a lot of cutting to do between now and the deadline.  Let's all have a moment of sad for the guys who didn't make the team.

Sad Tom

At the same time that the roster becomes final, a traditional ceremony begins at the Steve Gleason "Rebirth" statue to welcome the start of a new football year.  The organizers of the Second Annual Rob Ryan Pub Crawl, March, Bike procession from the Dome to Ms. Mae's have extended their ritual invitation to Coach Ryan, and anyone else, to join them.

Rob Ryan invite 2015

This was a fun event last year, even if it did not lead to optimal results on the field.

Rob Ryan March 2014

Hopefully this year will be different.  Otherwise, this may be the last such march we are free to witness.

Rob Ryan Has Left The Building

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