Tuesday, September 15, 2015

All your favorites are back!

Lost in the excitement of a new football season, we neglected to note some of the more exciting candidates who qualified to run last week. Most notably, John Labruzzo, once famous for proposing that the state sterilize poor people, has decided he should go back to Baton Rouge and.. at least see about getting them drug tested.
"People kept asking me, 'Can you repeal Common core on the council? Can you do drug testing of welfare recipients on the council?'" LaBruzzo said. "They kept (telling) me, 'You need to go back to Baton Rouge.'"

Other legislative priorities, he said, would be to impose a two-child cap for welfare recipients, increase penalties for violent criminal offenders and convey state landmark status on all New Orleans monuments.
Glad to see, also, that the Jefferson Parish resident cares so much about New Orleans Confederate history.  (Labruzzo once represented roughly the same legislative district that elected David Duke.)

Meanwhile, our friend Derrick Shepherd, is rested and ready, although not technically eligible to run after having spent time in jail for money laundering. 
Derrick Shepherd, who resigned his state senate seat in 2008 before pleading guilty to money laundering charges, is attempting a comeback with a run for his former state House seat.

Shepherd’s run for the House District 87 seat is barred by a state law that prevents convicted felons from running state office. But the former lawmaker, who served two years in federal prison, said in a press release he plans to challenge that prohibition as unconstitutional.

My campaign will offer hope to many citizens who have made a mistake that they too can receive a second chance in life,” Shepherd said.
EWE: "Dammit, why didn't I think of that!"  

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