Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Is this what John Kennedy was talking about?

This is a pretty aggressive sounding stop and frisk.
NEW ORLEANS -- Michael Baugh said he had just closed up his family's hair salon Friday night when two Louisiana State Police troopers approached his truck, looking for a man waving a gun.

The troopers never did find a gun, but by the end of the confrontation, Baugh was rushed to the University Hospital emergency room with multiple injuries.

Baugh, 26, suffered chipped front teeth, a gash in the back of his head that required staples, a broken right wrist and a laceration the length of his back.

"I told them that it wasn't me. And I was falsely accused. They were saying that it was me," Baugh said. "It was mistaken identity."
You may recall that this is not the first person the state police have beaten the crap out of in New Orleans. Recall a few years ago, Troopers also attacked and beat the teenage son of an NOPD officer in the Quarter.

A proposed hotel tax on the October ballot would fund the Troopers' continued presence in New Orleans where they can maintain this level of public service.   

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