Wednesday, September 09, 2015


I wasn't around for Betsy.  But growing up it seemed I'd never hear the end of it from people who were.  Even so, there's a difference between hearing about something and experiencing it oneself.

I understood enough about the city's geography and the risks associated with hurricanes. But, for me, they were primarily excuses to get a day or two off from school while watching the local news broadcasters freak out in amusing ways. The old folks would tell stories about flooded neighborhoods and the possibility of having to bust out of one's attic with a hatchet.

We heard all of this stuff but I'm not sure we took it very seriously. We understand it better now.  I wonder what a 10 year old kid today might think, though.

Anyway, these photos are interesting to flip through.  I wish we had better IDs on some of the locations, though.

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