Friday, August 07, 2015

Probably just for the hell of it?

Hmmm somebody has a idea.
It’s taken as a given in New Orleans political circles that Jason Williams has his eye on the 2018 mayoral race, but it now appears the City Council president is at least toying with setting his sights even higher: the Governor’s Mansion.

Williams said Thursday he will make a decision “very soon” about whether to become a late entry into this fall’s four-person gubernatorial race. His interest was first reported earlier Thursday by LA Politics, a subscription news service focused on state politics.

In an interview after the City Council’s meeting, Williams said he was “100 percent committed” to New Orleans. But he said he’s received calls from people “all over the state” in the past few weeks urging him to run for the state’s top job.
Uh huh. We know Williams is an up and comer and all. But wouldn't it be interesting to know who these "people all over the state" calling him are and why he'd want to help them ensure a Republican is elected Governor this year.

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