Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Grace is being slightly unfair to Vitty

Sure, he's only talking about New Orleans and its angst over Confederate monuments because it's a cheap and easy way to score with voters in the not-NOLA portions of the state.
It was the instinctively confrontational senator who got the ball rolling by picking a fight with Mayor Mitch Landrieu, who is spearheading the drive to declare the monuments offensive remnants that conflict with the city’s values. “Focus on murders, not monuments,” Vitter said at a recent law enforcement forum.

The senator soon escalated the effort, under the guise of an unrelated conversation over who’s responsible for the city’s rising crime rate. On the evening of last week’s two big public hearings over the monuments’ future, he even launched a robocall urging monument supporters to show up and speak out, according to Jeremy Alford, of lapolitics.com. His campaign took on the issue after seeing polling data showing it would resonate with voters outside the city, Alford reported.
But it isn't fair to say that Vitter takes no interest in New Orleans otherwise. He also has shown grave concern over New Orleans when the question of  who is allowed to trademark a T-shirt slogan is concerned. And, of course, he has taken care on occasion to tell us which New Orleans stories are not true.  

Other than that, I see Grace's point.

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