Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Nobody actually lives here

This is from Drew Magary's "Why Your Team Sucks" 49ers edition.  You don't have to read the football stuff.  But here's something.  
San Francisco, as it stands now, is no longer a living American Metropolis. Instead, the entire city has been converted into a giant Airbnb rental for tourists and rich foreigners. No one actually LIVES in San Francisco. Don’t be silly. Living on a space station is more feasible for the average American. You wouldn’t actually want to live there anyway. The only people walking around town now are selfish, tech-speak mandroids, each one with the explicit life goal of ascending Amazon’s hallowed Ladder of Triumph. 
We're not quite San Francisco yet here in Dizneylandrieu but we're trying to catch up.

Or maybe we're trying to catch up with Barcelona.  Watch this documentary when you have some time.

Update: City Council will take the first step toward legalizing short term rentals in New Orleans tomorrow.

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