Sunday, August 09, 2015

Everybody loves Bobby

While Donald Trump was busy burning down FOX News all weekend, this happened.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal was warmly received at the RedState Gathering in Atlanta on Friday.

Jindal largely stuck to familiar talking points and catchphrases, working in lines about “hyphenated Americans,” his own “bandwidth” for the presidency, how Democrats want to “turn the American dream into the European nightmare,” and reiterating that “The United States did not create religious liberty. Religious liberty created the United States of America.”

The crowd ate it up. Jindal received bursts of applause throughout his speech and a standing ovation at the end.
To be fair, a lot of people were standingly ovated at RedState. (Not Trump, though) They're an excitable lot.

Still, comparatively speaking, Bobby is doing pretty ok right now.  Here's a Nate Silver article about.. yes, Trump and his weak net favorables. But look at the rankings.

Fourth most popular is not too shabby.  Give it a little time. Sooner or later we'll see some serious Jindalmentum talk.

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