Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Wagon Train

Public Service Commissioner, Blue Heron Award honoree, and long time Friend of Bobby, Scott Angelle is running for Governor. You might have seen his advertisements displayed on one of the many viewing screens in your life.  Here's one of them now. Angelle tells us about the "wagon" of state, who is pulling it, who is riding in it and how that should go, ideally.

When I saw this, I was sure I had seen it before.

Jindal is using "carts" instead of "wagons" in that version. But he's talking about Europe so it must have something to do with cart being a  metric unit. Anyway he's used this image lots before.  This was brought to our attention a few months ago when Oyster pointed it out.

He only mentioned it then because I had noticed someone else throwing it around.

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