Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bernie Sanders is not actually running for President

I often think Chris Hedges is over the top. But this is basically what I've been saying about the Sanders campaign so here you go.  
The voices of those who matter will not be heard in these elections. The marginalized and poor in our internal colonies, the 2.3 million people in our prisons and their families, the Muslims we persecute here and in the Middle East, and the suffering of the working poor are airbrushed out of the discussion. In this Potemkin America there is only a middle class. Our liberties, including our right to privacy, along with the consent of the governed—all of which have been taken from us—are held up in this electioneering farce as sacred and inviolate. We are assured that we live in a functioning democracy. We are promised that our voice will count. And even Sanders will tell you no different. If he stepped forward and spoke the truth, especially about the Democratic Party, he would be banned from the debates, vilified and crushed by the Democratic establishment, stripped of his Senate committee chairmanships and tossed into the political wilderness to which Ralph Nader has been exiled. Sanders, unfortunately, lacks Nader’s moral fortitude. He will, when it is all done, push his followers into the vampire-like embrace of Hillary Clinton. He is a Pied Piper leading a line of children or rats—take your pick—into political oblivion. 


whynotnow said...

I do not believe that Ralph Nader is a bastion of moral fortitude. Just sayin'

jeffrrey said...

No, neither do I. Like I said, Hedges is almost unreadably hyperbolic. But I do think the Sanders campaign is a sham.

Nolaresident said...

Well you always have your Lincoln Chafee and your Martin O'Malley to choose from.