Friday, June 12, 2015

Life immitates clickbait

Apparently this is real life. Insofar as real life can reasonably be said to exist anymore.
You could drive the roughly 90-minute drive to Bonnaroo from Nashville. 
Or you could take a helicopter. 

The seemingly omnipresent ride-sharing service announced Wednesday that for a mere $1,500, you and two friends could ride to the Tennessee music festival in style, with its service branded as UberCHOPPER.
Sounds fun.

Meanwhile... real life
In April, Darrin McGillis filed for unemployment benefits from Uber, claiming that he was unable to continue driving for the company after his vehicle was damaged. Uber is already facing a handful of lawsuits alleging that drivers should be classified, treated and paid as employees, but McGillis effectively jumped the line. With his claim approved by the state, he is effectively Uber’s first employee driver — and a forerunner of likely more legal trouble to come for the growing app-based service economy that relies on legions of underpaid and underprotected contract workers in order to boost their profits.

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