Monday, June 29, 2015

Always give em something to vote against

You might not feel very enthusiastic about voting for any of the candidates for Governor, but does that mean you should stay home?  Hell no! It's always fun to go vote against someone. John Bel Edwards suggests go vote against John White.
Democrat John Bel Edwards said Sunday night that, if he is elected governor, he would oppose state Superintendent of Education John White remaining in his post.

“I have no intention of allowing John White, who isn’t qualified to be a middle school principal, to remain as superintendent when I am governor,” Edwards said in a prepared statement.

“We have so many highly qualified candidates right here in Louisiana that we don’t need to go looking in New York City for our next head of K-12 education,” he said.
Makes it even more fun since now you have some BESE members to vote against too. 

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