Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Get em coming and going

The drama of frequent environmental disaster in Louisiana sure does make for good theater. But it's not really even the source of the deep trauma.  That comes later as the victims are slowly taken advantage of over a period of many years after the event. 

So if you really know what you're doing, you'll get your people in on both sides of that business.
I believe Connie M. Easterly is the former, possibly current, wife of Shelby Easterly.  I don't know if this officially constitutes a conflict of interest but I would think it should have been disclosed to the court before he applied for the Special Master position.  

But then again, in this state a judge could get caught in the sack with a juror and it would be overlooked.  Now a judge, a prosecuting attorney and a juror....that ménage à trois may raise eyebrows...maybe.  
Also note that Calvin Fayard was formerly a law partner of one of Texas Brine's current attorneys,  James E. "Jimmy" Kuhn.  Kuhn also served as a judge for Louisiana's First Circuit Court of Appeals.

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