Thursday, April 02, 2015

Really fighting the power

In Covington the protesters make sure to stick it to the man.
A few blocks down, Patrick Kearns and Charles McCurley are protesting panhandlers like Post, saying they've hit their limit seeing solicitors with questionable stories. They flashed signs Wednesday that read, "Keep your money because no one out here is homeless. All frauds."

"I was driving down this strip, three guys walked across to the Wendy's and got into a brand new Honda CRV, and I proceeded just to drive behind them a distance and followed them all the way to the Causeway," said Kearns. "So they're driving from the southshore up here in order to come collect money."
Thank you, Batman. You've struck a blow against small time scammers "driving from the southshore." But, more importantly, everyone will think twice before being destitute in your town. Or at least they'll stay properly shamed.

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