Tuesday, April 21, 2015


This is an article about how Bobby Jindal isn't getting any "traction" in his campaign for President which he hasn't even announced yet. Notice, though, the obligatory "man on the street" and "professional strategist" quotes in here aren't all that bad.

The guy in Iowa says there's good news and bad news.
“The good news for Governor Jindal is he’s making a good impression with Iowa’s evangelical leaders,” said former Iowa Republican Party chairman Matt Strawn. “The bad news for Governor Jindal is that there’s about a half dozen candidates that are also trying to fish in that pond.”

Similar from these guys in South Carolina.
Cary Powell, who works in financial services in Myrtle Beach, likes what Jindal has done in Louisiana and says, “I don’t know why he’s not taking off.”

Jindal, said Norm Fay, a Massachusetts native who retired to South Carolina, is a “smart, good conservative.” But, “He can’t win.”

Fay explained that he was referring to Jindal’s slight build, his mannerisms and his speaking delivery — all mocked in 2009 when Jindal delivered the GOP response to Obama’s first address to Congress.

Sure, Bobby looked goofy on TV that one time.  But, really, the only knock these Republicans have against him is that he's just not very well known... yet.
Matt Mackowiak, a Texas-based Republican strategist, said the Louisiana governor has time to gain traction.

“I wouldn’t call it hopeless. The race is still wide open,” he said. But: “Almost everyone in the field is more well-known than he is. Is it an uphill battle? Yes.”
There's a lot of time between now and the time when Republicans start to actually caucus and vote and whatnot. Pretty much everybody in Louisiana hates Bobby but nobody out there seems to. The dude is doing okay.

On the other hand, he seems to have lost the Koch Primary. So that's gotta be troubling. Unless that thing is also still open. They aren't particularly clear about it.

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