Thursday, April 09, 2015

The Sidney Sweep

Millionaire directs his armed gang to commandeer city streets on behalf of hoteliers.
On the eve of French Quarter Festival, 12 people were arrested Wednesday (April 8) in another round of sweeps fueled by businessman Sidney Torres IV and targeting the transients that police say have generated numerous complaints in the city and state's tourism epicenter.

A little more than half of those arrested in Wednesday's five-hour sweep of the French Quarter were booked with obstructing the public right of way, New Orleans police said in a press release. Three dogs were taken into custody by the Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals, police said. The agency has joined NOPD 8th District officers and off-duty NOPD officers working the Torres-funded French Quarter Task Force security detail on both publicized sweeps, doing so with the help of a $4,000 donation also from Torres.

Get used to these.

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Quercus said...

I'm a pretty easygoing fellow but I went down to the Quarter to do some Christmas shopping last year - buy local you know- and there was passed out guys with seriously ugly ass bare feet blocking the sidewalk, aggressive meth heads panhandlers scaring the shit out this French tourist family, and then some drunk as shit wacko dancing in an intersection and seriously blocking traffic. It was a shit hole.
The Buddha is compassionate - but he isn't obsessed with compassion. These greasebags need to get a life somewhere else. Just the way it has to be.