Thursday, April 02, 2015

Always flank to the right

This isn't the point of Cilliza's article but Bobby Jindal is right where he wants to be right now.
An email from top Jindal adviser Timmy Teepell this morning touted the fact that "Governor Jindal will do three radio interviews today to talk about the fight for religious liberty" and noted:"Governor Jindal was one of the first potential 2016 candidates to talk about the fight for religious liberty when he gave a speech at The Reagan Library in February of 2014. A copy of the speech can be found here." And, on Wednesday in Iowa, Cruz had this to say: "We're seeing in the news right now a lot of noise because the state of Indiana bravely stood up and passed a law defending religious liberty. I’ll say this: I will commend the state of Indiana for doing the right thing."
It's an interesting match-up out on the right flank of the field right now between Cruz and Jindal. It's two similar ivy-educated, viscerally unlikable, phony as the day is long characters wrestling for the supposedly anti-elitist social conservative vote.  I don't think Jindal is necessarily outclassed there.

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