Tuesday, January 06, 2015

There are two Scalise stories

One of them is about the fundamental moral corruption underlying pretty much all the political, economic power in the State of Louisiana stretching back for generations.  There have been a lot of editorials published about the Scalise business over the past week. Most of them barely touch on this, the essential point of the story, at all.  Many, in fact, intentionally downplay the entire thing as an aberration or a "mistake" by Scalise. Everyone you see writing those articles is pretty much part of the problem.  Anyway, I'd like to take a stab at explaining this in detail if I get some time later. 

The other story is the Washington D.C. based petty politics surrounding the question of House leadership in the new Congress. Scalise, might could have been a contender for Speaker today. But, now, probably not. Although, it wouldn't have been too far fetched for the "coup" faction to vote him in anyway.  Just as a way to troll the White House.. which is probably the reaction this was designed to trigger.

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