Monday, January 12, 2015

"Quite hip"

This is a Townhall post about Bobby Jindal that got passed around this afternoon because, for some reason, a lot of people pay attention to Townhall.  Anyway, Bobby Jindal has some.. uh.. qualities.
One of the most impressive leaders I have ever met is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. A strong family man, devoted husband, father, and son, and perhaps one of the most astute and articulate politicians I know, he’s also quite hip.

With sincerity oozing from his pores, one is immediately drawn to his passion for life and his commitment to bringing about good for his neighbors, family, and the electorate who overwhelmingly voted for him four times. Not only has he turned Louisiana’s economy around, streamlined and improved its healthcare structure, but he is a leading voice in offering solutions for energy independence and public education.

Yet his effectiveness as leader and politician is rooted in his fire for God, which fans the flames of faith, Punjab—and—Cajun style.
To be fair this isn't the first time an out of state writer has described Jindal as "Cajun."  It is the first that I'm aware of to mention his pores, though.

In any case, most Louisiana observers will find themselves short on patience with these getting to know Bobby pieces.  We've already vetted the first round of these where we learned about how Jindal's "Geek Appeal" made him an "icon among Gen-Xers" and so forth. Do we really have to go through that all over again?

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