Saturday, January 17, 2015

Shut 'em down for a whole week

Not that anyone should have expected anything to come of this anyway.
A hasty attempt to derail New Orleans' latest streetcar project failed Friday (Jan. 16) when a federal judge refused to issue a temporary restraining order to stop construction of new tracks along North Rampart Street and St. Claude Avenue.

U.S. District Judge Nannette Jolivette Brown said the plan's opponents had failed to present a compelling case as to why she should grant such an extraordinary legal action against the Regional Transit Authority and its private manager, Transdev
The issues raised in the lawsuit don't have anything to do with the real problems with the line anyway.  If they were suing to make them keep the streetcars out of the regular traffic lanes, that might be a thing.

But, as we've noted before, the point of the streetcar project is to make traffic slower and to make public transit less efficient in order to benefit real estate and tourism interests.  In other words, the planners are just being responsive to the needs of the money people as per usual. Unfortunately you can't sue them for that. 

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