Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dispelling myths

The 10 year Katrinaversary is coming.  (Holy crap!) And with it will inevitably come a zombie surge of the myths and lies we've all spent that decade combating in one way or another.

New Orleans is all below sea level!  They were raping babies in the Superdome! Nobody tried to evacuate!  Nobody could have predicted the breach of the levees!

And on and on. We've got a few months to start beating them all back again.  Jarvis DeBerry is getting a head start on it.

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Annie said...

I want to be out of town for the tenth anniversary. I can't do the Katrina bells, or the wreaths thrown into the water at the breech locations, or hear the stories again. I lived through it, lost everything and want to live again. I will remember the day - quietly and doing something that I enjoy and being grateful for what I have.