Friday, August 19, 2016

The problem

Lots of uninsured homeowners
Regionally, the data show there were about 52,896 flood insurance policies in effect – about half the estimated number of homes that flooded. But because some people with flood insurance did not experience flooding, the proportion of flood victims with flood insurance is probably far lower than 50 percent.

Not their fault. They weren't required to have flood insurance. Most of these homes have never flooded. This sort of flood really is a "nobody could have predicted" type of event.   But we're going to have to find the money to help these people.  And the puzzling over how that happens is only just beginning.

In the meantime, we're starting to see some of the temporary housing solutions roll out.
Help is on the way, at least temporarily, for people displaced by floods who are seeking housing and assistance buying food.

FEMA is offering temporary shelter assistance by paying for hotel rooms on a rolling 30-day basis for people who lost their homes in the flooding and who register their claims with FEMA.
So far they've contracted for 27,00 hotel rooms. The story doesn't say where those are, exactly. There are still 4,000 people staying in shelters. 

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