Friday, August 05, 2016

Dangerous people on the internet

It's a shame there's no 2016 Ashley Award because I think we have a nominee here.
HOUMA, La.—Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s deputies raided a home Tuesday in hopes of uncovering who is behind an anti-corruption blog aimed at Sheriff Jerry Larpenter and other local politicians.

“Exposedat” is a blog, claiming to be “Terrebonne Parish’s Underground Watchdog”, that started publishing short articles about politicians and their business dealings in June.
They raided a guy's house because they didn't like his website. This is a very scary state sometimes. The story was picked up by The Intercept today.
This isn’t the first time that Louisiana law enforcement officers have challenged those who criticize them. In 2012, Bobby Simmons, a former police officer, was arrested and jailed on a charge of criminal defamation for a letter he wrote to a newspaper regarding another police officer. The charge was later dropped, and Simmons filed a civil suit alleging that his civil rights were violated.
Also last year a U.S. Senator hired people to stalk and harass a New Orleans blogger because he had published stories about his relationships with prostitutes.  The former mayor of New Orleans once threatened to "cold cock" pretty much anyone in the media (but also "vile angry" bloggers) who "approach me wrong."  Oh and the owner of one of our newspapers believes that his critics on the internet are "dangerous people." But he only said that when he was running for office, not when he was a media mogul so that's... better?

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