Thursday, August 11, 2016

So what if you could name your reward

We're all agreed that Hillary Clinton is going to win this election going away, right?  I mean.. look.
PPP's newest South Carolina poll* finds that the state is trending toward being competitive in the Presidential race this year, just like in neighboring Georgia. Donald Trump has only a 2 point lead with 41% to 39% for Hillary Clinton, 5% for Gary Johnson, and 2% for Jill Stein.
Probably, Trump will hold on to South Carolina. But, still, that is pretty amazing. The Democrats are going to coast to a big win.  Hillary can spend the rest of the campaign setting the tone for her administration; talking about her priorities, building political capital for her agenda, you know, really making this historic victory about something.

Or she can make it about exactly nothing
What Clinton’s campaign packaged as a popular front against a dangerous candidate, progressives saw as a needless swing to the right — one that empowered discredited foreign policy thinking.

“I don’t think Clinton will change her foreign policy because she’s receiving endorsements from Bush, Reagan and Nixon foreign policy officials,” said Glenn Greenwald, a Pulitzer Prize-winning co-founder of the Intercept. “I think she’s receiving those endorsements because they like what her foreign policy will be. That’s what worries me.”

Clinton’s post-convention polling surge may have reduced the leverage of progressive voters. According to a Washington Post-ABC News poll released Sunday, Clinton is winning 11 percent of Republican registered voters, similar to 13 percent for Barack Obama in August 2008. Just 14 percent of Democratic-leaning voters who wanted Sanders to win the primary do not support Clinton in a two-way race, compared with 30 percent of Clinton supporters who did not support Obama in August 2008.

Much of that, progressives say, is because of the real threat of a Trump presidency. Since conceding the primary, Sanders has relentlessly warned his supporters not to oppose Clinton’s campaign. (He declined through a spokesman to comment for this article.) Noam Chomsky, a left-wing intellectual who has criticized Kissinger’s foreign policy interventions for decades, said it still makes sense for voters to unite against Trump.
After Clinton has finished purposefully converting her big win into a win for #NeverTrump Republicans, they'll all go right back to hating her once she takes office.  Faced with such an obvious pushover opponent, Hillary really could have named her own reward for winning.  Looks like she chose hand that over to Kissinger wing Republicans.  After all the supposed upheaval of this election cycle, that's who will end up in charge. 

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