Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Big Gubmint

It's what makes this state go. Ours moreso than most.
As Louisiana gears up to petition the federal government for another big disaster aid package, now seems like a good time to remember that the state already relies more on money out from Washington than just about any other.

The reminder comes courtesy of a new national study from the Pew Charitable Trusts, which found that 30.8 percent of state funding across the country in 2014 came from federal grants.

State to state percentages vary widely, though, and Louisiana got 40.1 percent of its state "general revenue" from the feds, which put it second only to neighboring Mississippi at 40.9 percent. Way down at the other end of the spectrum was North Dakota, at 16.8 percent, although that's likely to change in future surveys due to the downturn in the oil business.
It's federal backing that makes almost all of these disaster recovery programs listed here possible.  And we're getting ready to ask congress for billions more in supplemental appropriations.  Better hope our "Small Gubmint" elected representatives are ready to push for that. 

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