Monday, March 14, 2016

The Derrick Shepherd bill

The legislature is going through a lot of trouble to keep Shep from running again.
Multiple bills have been filed that would put restrictions on convicted felons who want to run for office.

The state law that barred felons from seeking public office for 15 years after their sentences ended has been thrown out on a technical issue, following a challenge from a former state legislator who served two years in prison on public corruption charges.

Re-establishing that law will require a constitutional amendment and a vote of the people.
Shepherd successfully challenged the current law baring felons from office via a technical complaint having to do with the way it was passed.  But, really, voters should have the option of voting for or against whichever candidate regardless of that person's past.  If you don't want a convicted felon in office, don't vote for the convicted felon. It's that simple. 

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