Thursday, March 03, 2016

Probably got crowded out by Joe Cao

Scott Angelle decides to run for Boustany's congressional seat rather than David Vitter's soon to be empty Senate seat. He promises to (possibly) not make things worse.
"Time and time again, when things get bad, the politicians in Washington rush in and make it worse! It's time we make them listen," he said in a statement announcing his plans.
So that's pretty bold. Not sure Scott can live up to that.

Meanwhile, what is David Vitter up to these days, anyway
Calling Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Sheriff Marlin Gusman "incredibly naive," Sen. David Vitter, R-La., excoriated them Thursday (March 3) over their decisions to enforce "sanctuary city" policies for undocumented immigrants in New Orleans.

"I do not need to remind you that New Orleans is struggling with a devastatingly high murder and violent crime rate," Vitter wrote in a letter addressed to the pair. "Providing incentive for undocumented criminals to flock to the city is a huge mistake and I hope you will immediately reverse this policy."

Vitter's letter was prompted by Landrieu's recent decision to order the New Orleans Police Department to not cooperate with federal immigration officers in civil raids* or to ask crime victims questions about their immigration status.
Oh there he is taking the Trumpist line that all immigrants are dangerous criminals.  That's nice. Unlike Trump, though, Vitter isn't actually running for anything so can we reasonably assume this outrageous statement is close what the man actually believes?  Not expecting any "Miss me?" Vitter ads any time soon. 

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