Tuesday, March 29, 2016

On today's episode of John N Kennedy: America's Most Clueless Treasurer

This time our hero the Clueless Treasurer does not know how political campaigns are supposed to be treasuried. That's to put it charitably, anyway.  We could assume that Kennedy is deliberately trying to subvert campaign finance law. But he would never....
There’s just one problem: You can’t transfer your state campaign fund for a federal campaign. Kennedy’s $2.8 million is useless to his campaign for U.S. Senate. There are different limits and restrictions on donations, for example. Corporations can directly donate to state campaigns, but they cannot donate to federal campaigns. Plus, there is the whole issue of deceiving people for donations for a state campaign for Treasurer and then using their money for a federal campaign for U.S. Senate.

Treasurer Kennedy apparently believes he can find a way around the ethical and legal constraints that are currently tying up his state campaign war chest: Simply and illegally launder all $2.8 million of it to the SuperPAC his loyal, long-time staffer set up months ago, Make Louisiana Proud.

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