Monday, March 07, 2016

How did we get here?

Well see we did this thing where we elected a sociopath 
State leaders blame the Republican former governor for creating - and hiding - many of those woes.

Jindal, burnishing his fiscal conservative credentials for his failed presidential campaign, refused to hike taxes or approve any action that even resembled a tax hike, including trimming expensive business tax credits, even amid an economic downturn. So, TV's bearded men of "Duck Dynasty" got millions in film tax credit subsidies, while tuition skyrocketed for college students at campuses struggling with deep state financing cuts.

Criticism of Jindal is bipartisan and widespread, with irritated lawmakers left sifting through the highly-unpopular choices of raising taxes or taking a hatchet to higher education and government services. They're considering enacting tax bills Jindal vetoed and stripping a fake tax credit created to protect Jindal's anti-tax record.

Legislators are hearing that cuts described by the Jindal administration as "efficiencies" actually went much deeper, striking at services. They've learned about borrowing practices that increased state debts and about threats to Louisiana's cash flow because it spent down reserves.

"We've been living in a fictional world for the last eight years," said Jay Dardenne, a Republican who served as lieutenant governor under Jindal and is now chief financial adviser to Gov. John Bel Edwards, a Democrat who inherited the problems.

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