Sunday, June 08, 2014

Louisiana Hayride: The Movie

Eventually the con game we call "Hollywood South" is going to ensnare everyone

A man has been convicted on charges involving movie tax schemes in Louisiana. Last year, the US Attorney charged him with wire fraud, and he was sentenced on Thursday.

Gregory Martin Walker, 47, was living in Baton Rouge at the time. Investigators say Walker swindled nearly $4 million dollars by buying and selling Louisiana motion picture investor tax credits, which he did not own.
How many is that now? I may have lost count.

Via Dambala, btw, who is connecting more dots.  Sometimes I think all the power attorneys in this state just spend all of their time passing money to one another.  Maybe they should make a movie together. 

Also here's the occasional reminder:
(LA Economic Development Secretary Stephen Moret) did acknowledge that Louisiana's film tax credit program costs state government money. "From a fiscal perspective, it is by far the most expensive program that we have," said Moret of the state's financial incentive for the film industry, which has brought several movie productions to Louisiana.

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