Monday, June 30, 2014

Frontier justice

Watch your step, narc.
According to documents reviewed by The New York Times, State Department investigator had already begun probing Blackwater a short time before the infamous Nisour Square shooting in 2007. But the probe broke down when Blackwater's top guy in Iraq threatened to kill the lead investigator, suggesting, not improbably, that amid the anarchy of Iraq it could be easily covered up as just another moment of sectarian violence or a terrorist attack.
In practical terms, police more often than not make the law. And this is not only the case in "fog of war" situations like Iraq 2007.  In New Orleans we call murder and body disposal a Number 2.  (In case you're wondering the Number 1 is a Ham Sandwich.)  

The scary thing in the Blackwater case is we're talking about a private police force with no straightforward accountability to any state.  Thank god we don't have that sort of thing here.

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