Wednesday, June 18, 2014

History's gray and taupe areas

I realize it's very hard for people to remember things that happened fifteen years ago but the New Orleans Arena (name now whored out to a corporate sponsor) was shower green from the start... which was long before anyone thought the Charlotte Hornets would ever play there.
Thornton wouldn’t say which specific colors are being considered by the selection team, which includes architects, designers, lighting experts and representatives from SMG, the Superdome Commission and the New Orleans Pelicans. But he said the group’s decision is being guided by two principles. The first is to select a color that will not compete with the Superdome. The second is to find a color, likely a neutral tone, that is light enough to reflect the LED lighting also being installed on the building.

Even with those requirements, there are a lot of colors to choose from.

“There’s the grays, the taupes, the browns, the tans,” Thornton said. “In looking at the various color options, the architects and the lighting experts are giving us some guidance on what they think will be the best color option.”

Changing the color of the building from the green associated with the New Orleans Hornets will also help to solidify the team’s new name and the building’s new sponsorship, Thornton said. The Hornets became the Pelicans in April 2013. Smoothie King purchased naming rights to the arena in February.
The building was not green due to green being "associated with the Hornets." It's a coincidence.  You are free to make whatever associations you wish but let's not imply causality just because it seems fun to us.  The Advocate has a problem with this gimmick, by the way.

Anyway the green shower tile look is pretty weird, I'll grant them that.  This also makes it kind of unique and memorable. So, obviously, we can't have any of that going on.   Thus here come the "grays, the taupes, the browns, and the tans." All nice and grown-up and boringlike.

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