Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ya think?

Kevin Drum (At the bottom of a load of questionable musings I don't have time to unpack right now):

However, there's certainly one profession where I think this has changed a lot, and probably not for the better: mine. Reporters of the past were a mix of everything from Walter Lippman to the working class strivers from The Front Page. But there aren't many Hildy Johnsons left today. That may not be an unalloyed bad thing, but on balance it's a loss. No matter how hard you try, it's tough to really empathize with the common problems of half the population if you don't have, and have never had, any real connection to them. I suspect that our modern trivia-centric, narrative-obsessed style of DC journalism owes a lot to this.
Um.. yes. This is specifically the problem. And not just in DC either. Even in the wild and free internet age,  your news is presented through a filter of elitism greatly at odds with your own particular outlook and interests. Read carefully.

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