Sunday, September 02, 2012

Oil and water

One of the many many things Governor Jindal told us very very quickly during his pre-Isaac press conferences was that BP oil spill clean-up operations would have to cease for at least a few days as the storm blew through.

If it's news to you that the oil was still being cleaned up, well, that's no surprise given that local news outlets radio, TV, internet or print... well when there is print anyway... are more likely to transmit BP's self-congratulatory advertisements than they are information about the un-vanishing oil.

Anyway,  here's an exception to that.

While surveying pollution in the wake of Hurricane Isaac, teams found new oil and oiled animals Sunday in the vicinity of two inactive oil production facilities near Myrtle Grove, the U.S. Coast Guard said.

Oil was found in the area of the facilities, whose former owners were not immediately known. There was no sign of an active leak. 
The story implies that this is probably not BP oil which, well, actually that might be worse news.

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Mike said...

remember all the spills in the gulf after katrina that no-one talked about, small old capped wells that had hard to find owners, the slicks even showed up in the satellite images of the gulf afterwords