Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Road to perdition

2 N.O. officers reassigned in beating case
Lawyer is left bruised and beaten after attack in French Quarter
Tuesday, January 09, 2007
By Brendan McCarthy

Two New Orleans police officers, including a veteran sergeant repeatedly disciplined for misconduct, have been reassigned to desk duty after a complaint that they beat a man walking in the French Quarter late last month, police officials said Monday.

Ronald Coleman, 25, a New Orleans-based lobbyist and a national legislative campaign coordinator for the grass-roots activist group ACORN, says he was beaten and handcuffed by a group of seven plainclothes officers that mistook him for a pickpocket.

On Thursday, a group of white professionals is planning a march to protest the out-or-control crime problem in New Orleans. How likely is it that city and police leaders will interpret this march as an endorsement of the "tough on crime" tactics employed by the officers in the above story?

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