Sunday, January 21, 2007

Drunken angry thoughts

I just posted the following as a comment to Adrastos. I'm posting it here as well because it sums up my thoughts at the moment:

The magical thing about this season was that "We're on our own now" was just too real for us... which is why we felt the way we did when the "Saints were coming." But now there's just.... well more of the same crap and in the end.. not even the spiritual remuneration we were all demanding. It sucks. Hard.

Also.. I don't think Bush "walking it out" was the problem. This game was actually Brees's fault.. believe it or not. But it doesn't matter. The Saints lost. And now we'll hear all week about how "they weren't ready" and it was a "great story" and such crap. But we all know better. We wanted that game. We were all so desperate for some way to symbolically rub our cleated feet in the faces of all the Americans who have treated us so shamefully over the past year and a half. We were denied that. And now we are left with the same bag of crap we've always had. 2007 is going to be a long year.

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