Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Is that Sinn Fein I smell?

Still wondering why the national coverage of the NFC Championship fixates on this but shrugs this off?

Lolis Eric Elie explains.

But there was an ugly side to what happened in Chicago that paints a disturbing portrait of our nation and its view of people like us, people who are seeking to rebuild our lives after the federal levees failed to protect us from the floodwaters that followed Hurricane Katrina.

The taunts from Chicago Bears fans went beyond statements of physical superiority or on-field dominance. These taunts reflected the extent to which many Americans resent the people of post-Katrina New Orleans.

It's as if they blame us for surviving the disaster that shamed America on the world stage.

I like that line. New Orleans is being blamed for surviving.

The nation at large is basically no better than its foundering brat-president.. looking to ignore its failures rather than take responsibility for rectifying the damage caused by them.

Democrats have been reluctantly trying on the cause of New Orleans for wear during the next election cycle. John Edwards posed with a shovel in New Orleans East to announce his candidacy in a Presidential primary nearly two years away. Last night, Jim Webb tried to show up the President by at least uttering the words "New Orleans" during his response to the State of the Union address. The question becomes then, now that these pols have their fingers in the wind which way will they find it blowing? Lolis thinks the scene in Chicago may be an early indicator.

For a time I had hoped that the failures of FEMA would be a major issue in the upcoming presidential campaigns. When former Sen. John Edwards chose our city as the backdrop to announce his candidacy for the White House, I hoped he'd help spark a discussion about the federal role in the flooding of New Orleans.

But if Bears fans are an indication, any candidate promising just compensation from the federal government won't have a chance. The federal government failed in its duty to protect New Orleans and for that, we must be punished.

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