Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The team is not all that bad

Said this the other day about the Saints.  I don't really get what fans want out of their entertainment dollar anymore around here. The team is fun to watch. They aren't gonna win the Superbowl but they did that once already and I'm pretty sure we all said we were OK to die now when that happened. They more than likely won't be in the playoffs but we've spent most of our lives watching them not do that and things have been fun enough, right? 

2016 has been an interesting year. The Saints aren't world beaters but they also aren't garbage. They compete well in almost every game and almost every game leaves us with something interesting to talk about. They're also on track to set some records.
The Saints have a chance this year to become just the fifth team in NFL history with three wide receivers who tally 1,000 yards. The last team to accomplish the feat was the Arizona Cardinals in 2008 with Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston.

Cooks has already reached the mark as he's up to 1,056 yards after his career-high 186 yards in Sunday's win over the Arizona Cardinals. Thomas has 883 yards and Snead has 792, so both of them will have to produce well in the final two games to reach 1,000.

Asked about the Saints' trio of receivers, coach Sean Payton said he looks at the group as a whole, and Thomas said something similar when asked if the Saints were the top group in the NFL.

"I believe so, and I feel like that's how we approach the game, not necessarily as a trio but as a receiver room," Thomas said. "And just when we have Drew Brees (under) center, we all want to be at our best."
Kinda funny how those numbers can happen and your quarterback somehow doesn't make the Pro-Bowl but I guess when nobody is paying attention this is what you get. 

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