Thursday, December 29, 2016

Or we could just build and maintain affordable housing for people

As long as our preferred policy involves giving money to developers so they can build nice things for rich people and then banking on their sense of "moral obligation" later, this is going to keep happening.
Some of the complex's tenants who are in low-income apartments - including a 95-year-old woman and many with disabilities - have been told they have to leave by the end of the year as the company converts those units to market-rate apartments.

“This is the beginning of a movement and we’re here to say that as long as these tenants want to stay we’re going to stay with them,” Gavrielle Gemma said. “We shall not move.”

At the end of the rally, tenants and supporters filled the lobby of Landrieu’s office calling for a meeting with the mayor. Walker said the mayor was unavailable but held a meeting with several tenants and administration officials including Councilwoman Susan Guidry, Landrieu's Chief of Staff Brooke Smith and Chief Administrative Officer Jeff Hebert.

“We think it’s absolutely important that when those timetables are done, when they’ve met their legal obligation, there’s a moral responsibility that companies have to work with their residents to give them enough heads up that those affordable units will change and we expect this company should work with their residents as well,” Walker said. When asked whether the administration considers American Can to be acting in an immoral fashion, Walker said, “I wouldn’t say that.”
Notice here as well that in the opinion of the Landrieu Administration, it's perfectly within the scope of that "moral responsibility" to kick the poors to the curb so long as you "give them enough heads up."

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