Saturday, December 31, 2016

Do better, years

Sure sure 2016 was The Worst Ever. We're all so convinced of that for whatever reason. But consider, for a moment, that [CURRENT YEAR] has always been terrible.

Which is what we were thinking on New Year's Day 2016

And at the end of 2014

And 2012

And 2011

And, well, it kinda just goes on like this

The lesson, I think, is that we're never satisfied at this point every year and that's probably not such a bad thing.  Our world is full of injustice and things that make us sad generally. There's no reason to sit around and content ourselves with it.  2017 is likely going to be a lot like 2016 was except Donald Trump will be the President.  That's pretty fucked up, right?  Why should we normalize these crappy years? The 2010s have been rubbish.  We need to to better.  We can do better.  But doing better starts with admitting there's a problem.

So, yeah, let's tell 2016 to fuck off.  But let's also not expect our problems to magically go away when we flip the calendar. This is no time to tune out.

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