Saturday, October 15, 2016

Gumbo season

It's mid-October and we're all still sweating our ballses off. It looks like we're headed for another Halloween In The Tropics this year. Not sure what that means for your Sexy Ken Bone costume.

Anyway, everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about..... (shoot me please.) So this month I've been trying to make fall happen by cooking more gumbo.  A few weeks ago this chicken, andouille, and oyster deal was a major success.  Seriously. That's my favorite one I've made since the Great Turducken Gumbo Of 2011.

This past Thursday I did a gumbo z'herbes very much like the one shouted about toward the end of this podcast episode. Because, you see, there was this local uproar about people putting kale in gumbo. But that was stupid because you can totally put kale in gumbo. People do it all the time. I put it in this one along with several other types of green as well as some smoked pig tails. 

Green gumbo

So shut up about kale already. It works fine in the gumbo.  Meanwhile the gumbo cooking hasn't helped the fall weather roll in quite the way we'd like. But we'll keep trying.

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