Sunday, October 30, 2016

Events calendar

This is it, y'all. We just have to make it through the next week and a half and we can take the rest of 2016 off.  All the things are about to happen.  Here's a quick look ahead.

Today: The Saints celebrate their actual 50th birthday this weekend by playing the most pivotal game of the year.  Win this and we get to flirt with .500 again, and probably a few more times before the season is out. Lose and... well.  Just to make matters more interesting, the Seattle Seahawks are in town. You might remember them from two of the Saints' three most recent playoff losses including the infamous Marshawn game.  Also they brought "I'm Jimmy!" Graham with them along with a large number of the NFL's most insufferable fans.  So that's fun.

Mostly, though, this is the Saints' Groundhog Day. What happens here determines the course of the next few months.  Keep an eye on whether or not Dannell Ellerbe "leaps and bounds" out of that tunnel. He is our Puxatawney Phill.

Monday is Halloween.

Wednesday, November 2: A handful of Senate candidates participate in a televised debate.  This handful includes David Duke, which should make for some interesting TV, especially considering the setting.

Ongoing: City budget hearings. Expect more drama at City Council.

Saturday, November 5: LSU is going to beat Alabama.

Sunday, November 6: Saints back to .500? Drew vs Kaep? Maybe... Also GBV at Republic.

Tuesday, November 8: Our long national nightmare ends in a flurry of Blue Dog stickers. Then we will sleep.

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