Monday, October 31, 2016

Can't see how anyone would consider this a negative

Don't know about you guys, but I'd say more judges should probably hate the D.A.
White, 57, touts her decades in the trenches of criminal and civil legal work, along with nine years as a sharp-tongued jurist who wears her disdain for District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro as a badge of honor.

She argues that the appeals court is in desperate need of her experience, now that Judge James McKay is the only one of the 4th Circuit's 12 judges who has sat on a criminal court bench.

"When I hit court, I am all in. I'm involved in the arguments. I'm involved in knowing the defendants, their families, the lawyers, the issues. I plan to be the same way in the next court," White said.

"When you have three judges on a panel and not one of them is a criminal law expert, I think you're going to get a different perspective on a case."

Bartholomew-Woods, 45, claims equanimity as an asset, painting White's "bombastic" demeanor — and her jousting with the district attorney — as a hazard for an appeals court that settles most legal disputes arising from the district courts in Orleans, St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes.
The District Attorney is the most frighteningly powerful person in the city.  An appeals court judge should be skeptical of him. Even if that skepticism rises to the level of "bombast."  Better, even.

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