Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The sky isn't falling

Chicken Little

The worst thing about 2016 so far is, for as much trauma and disaster as there's been, for some reason, it just hasn't been as funny as you'd think.

Take the Trump show, for example. Remember when Donald Trump running for President was funny? And then how when he actually beat the other Republicans it was hilarious? That was a long time ago. That show hasn't been funny in a while. It's really just recycling the same old material.

But the hardcore fans keep trying to make it a thing.  This season, we're supposed to be worried about what happens if "Dangerous Donald" actually becomes President. But that's stupid. For one thing it isn't credible. Nothing in the polls (not even in the Quinnipiac polls we're supposed to be frightened of today) indicates he has any sort of shot at winning. For another thing, he probably doesn't even want the job in the first place. In fact, it would almost be worth electing him President just to punish him, but no one is in the mood for that now. We're too bored. 

Finally, the prospect of a Trump Presidency isn't even all that scary. If he were elected, all it would mean is a buffoon would live in the White House while we get out the old Republican binder of bureaucrats to pick who runs the government for the next four years. That will be bad, of course. But it won't be unprecedented bad. We're just talking about the same people who were around when the last Republican was President.  That guy was a buffoon too. Remember?

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