Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Here we go around again

The fun thing about the Six Flags process is the repetition. They keep going round and round with the same three or four development groups, rejecting their ideas, waiting a few months until the same people come back with slightly crazier ideas, and then rejecting them again.

Earlier this year, the IDB turned down TPC-NOLA's questionably financed proposal to open a new amusement park on the site.  Now TPC-NOLA is back with the same proposal except this time with wax figurines in it.
The wax figures that for years adorned the now-closed Musée Conti Historical Wax Museum in the French Quarter could turn up again in an unexpected place -- the old Six Flags amusement park in New Orleans East.

But only if the agency in charge of the site picks one particular developer to revamp it, which may be a long shot.

TPC-NOLA Inc., a company that wants to resurrect the old Jazzland Theme Park that used to occupy the 220-acre site, says it has reached a deal with the Musée Conti to incorporate the wax figures into its proposal.
So they've upped their ante.  Your move, skywriting Noah's Ark guy

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