Wednesday, December 02, 2015

No harm no foul

Well.. okay.. there was definitely harm.  But still, no foul.
NEW ORLEANS -- All 11 felony manslaughter charges were dropped against two company men on BP Deepwater Horizon for the 11 rig workers killed in the 2010 explosion.

Don Vidrine, the BP company man who erroneously said the Macondo well passed a last key pressure test before removing the protective drilling mud from the hole, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor pollution charge Wednesday. Meanwhile the 11 grossly negligent manslaughter charges against Vidrine and the substitute well-site leader who was serving with Vidrine, Bob Kaluza, were all dropped. That means 22 felony charges against each company man have all been dropped.
This will surely be a lesson to the next guys who might blow up a well. 

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