Monday, December 14, 2015

And they said I was the "snarky" one

Interesting aside from a list of political blurbs compiled by The Advocate today
One of the more ringing calls for removing the Confederate monuments came from Danatus King, the former head of the local NAACP branch who ran against Landrieu in 2014.

Noting that he and the mayor often disagreed, he said they agree now on the need to remove “symbols of hate” that “glorify people that were the terrorists and traitors of a terrible time in our country’s history.”

He ended his news release this way: “The time is now. The statutes (sic) must come down.”

Of course, bringing down all the statutes could leave a lawyer like King with very little business.
I'm writing a longer post about the monuments which I'll have up either tonight or tomorrow. But I thought this was worth a separate note.  I get that Danatus King is given to fits of self-promotion and it's fine for the Advocate to point that out. But it would be nice if they could flesh that out with a little more context. Or, better, refrain from taking this particular opportunity to say anything in that regard.

As it is, this little throwaway line strongly implies that The Advocate intends to characterize the entire movement to take down these white supremacist markers as insincere hucksterism.  Maybe that's what they really believe over there in Georges country.  But this is kind of a backhanded way of saying so.

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